Monday, 28 December 2015

Helpful People

And adventures in road tripping.

Half way between Atlanta and Charleston we discover a broken headlight (yes the sun had set) and a flat tire.

Many thanks to the owners and workers of the I20 Marathon petrol station in Batesburg and the kindly driver who happened to be present for helping us pump our tire, diagnose a problem, call their mechanic friend, host as as we waited for all our car problems to be fixed, and to the mechanic for his work and fair price.

People are good.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Busy Week

It turns out 6 people all in one house is busy and chaotic even if they are all adults.

So here's the drill.

A Friday drive with stops in Covington and Aiken - hello America - and arrival in Charleston. Saturday strolls and night at the symphony with featured R2-D2, storm troopers, Obi Wan, and Bob Gebhardt, concudcting

Sunday Christmas Carol service - sing along! - and Monday shopping for last minute gifts. 

Spotlight: entering the cinema to see a film you know nothing about is always fun. When the film is Spotlight it makes for quite an impact. See this film. It is important. 

Have I mentioned the food? Food, wine, limoncello, nocino. And more food. 

Some work, more errands, more food, more presents. More chocolate. Star Wars, of course. And so it goes.