Friday, 31 May 2013

Dalrymple on multi-culturalism

Thus both authors, ideological enemies as they would be, offer a bleak assessment of multicultural society, which ends not in cross-fertilization, as in fusion cooking, but in paranoia as a way of life, mutual incomprehension, egotism, and solipsism. A day-to-day tolerance of one another’s existence is an insufficient basis for an attractive or even a productive society. 
Full article here.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

And the rest

Tuesday rain. rain rain rain. Lunch, Emil Frey, walk to Grancia. Boyfriend cut jeans. Grancia is big now (biggER). Walk back. Wait. Wait. Wait. Home. Dinner at Barilotto - finally Wienerschnitzel! Home.

Ma's going away lunch, Franklin Italian department plus some. Vitello Tonnato. Osteria al Bosco. Eva. Coffe at Anna Capri, meet Ocean and Yi-min. Sopraceneri. Yup, their turf. Shoe shopping. Locarno - Piazza Grande, slim streets, coffee shop, Swiss education, Taiwanese independence. Home. Barbecue. Luganighetta, Halloumi cheese, veal and potatoes. Limoncello on the patio. On the cold patio. With many sweaters.

Thursday sick and bed time. Booo. Boring
Shops open until nine, wild and crazy. Chocolate shopping. Cantinone. Bratwurst, cordon bleu, pizza, BellaVista. Of course. Beautiful. Limoncello on the patio. With many sweaters.

LAST DAY. So sad. Lunch with Sebastian, catch up on work, cocktails with parentals and boat to Caprino for dinner with the Senior Summer Camp posse. Worst service ever. Humorously so. Boat back, home, limoncello. This time indoors.

Saturday. London. Coco Momo.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


I'm in Switzerland. Blogger is all in German. Even though I am in Ticino.

A quick summary of my stay so far (proper blogging I presume to resume next week).

Fly in to Malpensa, get lost on our way back. Chez Gebhardt, have an ice cream, not that ice cream, have another ice cream. Father comes home, hello, goodbye, pick up Simona, Etnic. TIcinese. Irish. Salumi, Guinness, kanji game.

Morning, Ocean leaves for Tuscany. Simona. Munger. Breakfast, cornetto e cappuccio. No WiFi. The Lugano wander. Via Nassa, lungo lago, piazza Riforma, Innovazione, via Peri, hairdresser, succo di frutta - 4,50 grazie very much, Tango per pranzo con Ornella. With her excellency in teaching award. Gnocchi con crema di zafferano e speck. Back to Breganzona to study bus routes. Free bus ride to Lugano (I got something for free in Switzerland). Pizza Mary's!! With a baby pizza on the menu, I think I did that. All the waiters look the same. Piccolo - Sass Cafe, espresso e vino.
Home in time to see the end of the Eurovision points. Yikes. Europe can do cheesy too.

Sunshine fooling me on my bus ride to town, torrential rain once I am there. Desperate research of free wifi in Lugano on a Sunday. 5 bars open. Finally settle on McDonalds. Free espresso! More cafe-hopping, turn from coffee to wine, Tanja arrives, more wine, a couple more bars, dinner, HOCKEY! Beers, crisps and Baiocchi, back to the flat, Hop Schweiz. There are not 11 players in hockey. Midnight walk.

Monday, Vacanza. Everything closed. Time for Italy. And Foxtown. With my personal shopper also known as Mamma. Chez Gebhardt, food, music, apps, Ocean and YiMin return. More foods more music wine from Tuscany. Jerk Chicken.


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Two Journeys in one

I landed just a few hours ago, in the beautiful (if cold and drizzly) London. All this via Chicago, with an over night flight. On American Airlines. No fun.

Until the lady seated be my on the long-haul flight initiated conversation.

Generally I do not go in for the chatty flight-time thing. I stare intently at my Kindle the whole way through and make as little eye contact as possible.

This particularly lady was friendly and I am not so indisposed to a chat that I will ignore somebody heading that way. And glad I am that I did not (ignore her).

Here is to the 76 year old woman traveling to London and Paris, to meet up with her friend for a holiday. She told me about flying a biplane over the Alaska mountains, and going piranha-fishing on the Amazon river. She told me about standing up to chauvinism and rudeness in Sicily and Turkey. She also told me about her career running a foundry, at a time when it was not common for women to run any business, let alone a foundry. She combated sexism, condescension and straight-out sabotage through quality work and smarts. Having her tell me she was glad to meet a woman running a business was, I say sincerely, an honour.

Monday, 13 May 2013

To fill up a weekend

I managed to visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, take a walk around Virginia Highlands, hop to Lenox Mall, head to OK Cafe for lunch, wander the whole Arts Festival at Chastain Park, take a longer route back to my car, go shoe shopping and grab a cocktail to wait out the rain. And that was just Saturday.

And, of course, I made a gif.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Inman Park Festival and other weekend follies

I enjoy the Inman park Festival. It is particularly quirky in terms of stands and big enough to kill your half day out and about.

A few gems:

After an out-every-night week, I spent Friday evening with Giuseppe (he's so cute) between a martini bar and a cigar bar, and Sunday was Enchiladas night!