Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Rome, the other one

The one in GA, to be specific.

It has seven hills, a Forum, and a Capitoline Wolf.

The latter is an exact replica of the ancient original. Which is a great piece or artistic history. It sits in front of city hall, alongside a dedication plaque direct from Benito Mussolini and featuring a fasces. Which, I can not help but think, would be better placed in a museum.

As much as the statue itself was fun to see, the presence of the plaque exposed as as it is made for an uncomfortable experience. On the other hand, it is part of local history. Does it really make it difference if it is behind glass in a display case with an accompanying description? In my opinion: yes.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

So much Pinot

But that's what you expect at an Oregon wine tasting.

A restaurant refurbishment, some pre-opening events and a text from a friend means a Saturday afternoon double date at an Oregon wine tasting. 6 tables, each offering 6-8 wines, you do the math.

There was one tempranillo, one viognier, maybe tow Chardonnays, one Riesling and one Gewurtztramminer. Everything else was Pinot, be it noir, gris or blanc. The latter had a nice option on offer. The rest were Pinots. So, you know.

Of interest: a Pinot Noir Rose, which was a first for me. Not unpleasant, I could drink that on the patio on a hot day. For more see my Vivino profile

Friday, 26 June 2015

Marriage Equality

It's about time, America. 

Citizens are affected by federal regulations which are determined by marital status, so yes: this should be a federal law. 
Now everybody get married, get green cards and lets make this country the diverse, exciting, innovative and productive place it should be. 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

France Loves Uber

I absolutely love it when taxi drivers strike in protest over Uber so Uber demand surges like crazy.

Thank you France's taxi drivers for the laughs.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Quote of the week

"Le noir est une couleur indécente... quand on le porte bien"

- Sonia Rykiel

And who is going to argue with this:

Monday, 22 June 2015

Worldwide Atlanta weekend

Including Vietnamese Pho, a Korean bakery, a Brazilian churrasco and a pizzeria.

This was the upward view during our barbecue, brilliantly salvaged from a tremendous storm and downpour.

Sunday was all-American, with a hike around Lake Miller and through Little Mulberry Park. 

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Having survived Boston

But only in the evenings.

A wonderful Albariñ at Sip Wine Bar and lovely cocktails at the Drink speakeasy.

Also, arriving just before the Gay Pride parade made for a wonderful welcome committee.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Thursday, 18 June 2015

This post will only make sense if you are bilingual Italian/English

Traduzione sopraffina

Pius 6th, prime minister of Vienna, repentantly and cyclically and never in his edibles, spent the night majestically with an excellent priest, in the room on the right, oscillating with the people and Simona watching a plasma screen TV. He managed the peaceful rite. Unfortunately Horatio and John Jacob are small brothers, but very lucky guests which we remember.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Quote of the Week

"Journalism...is perhaps the purest thing we have. Honesty has a way of creeping into it even when it is not intended.

- John Steinbeck

Friday, 12 June 2015

Geneva - Diario di Bordo

BACK IN SWITZERLAND, even if it is the flat French part.

We took a train from Rovereto, going across northern Italy and then up through Domodossola, Brig, Sierre on to Nyon. This last bit I mention is in beautiful Switzerland, it was nice to be home. Plus: that moment when you transfer from an Italian to a Swiss train, joy.

And then Gio went and got married so that was a good time. In a castle. In France. So grand.
Chateau de Coudré

Geneva is what it is: it is pretty and worth a view, but as Swiss cities go it is not all that. The Lac Leman is attractive of course, as lakes tend to be when nestled in the alps. It was nice to be back, after 10+ years, walking through the old city and visiting St Peter's Cathedral. Birthplace of Calvinism. No fun to be had beyond this point.

And of course my reunion with my favourite Simona in the whole wide world.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Rovereto - Diario di Bordo

FOOD! Everywhere and all the time.

I have the fortune of having a mother in law smack in the historic downtown of this lovely town, so my time is mainly pedestrian and everything is at my fingertips. Though don't be fooled by that "everything", it's not a big place.

It offers enough to keep us a few days though - the coffee is not the full on Italian glory but it is better than most. The pastries deserve merit - la bionda in particular. And one can buy underwear in sets - huzzah.

There are now vineyards everywhere in Trentino: every free bit of land is covered in vines, no matter how small the space. I tried some new reds: marzemino, teroldego, lagrein, and a fascinating local-only new grape made from marrying Merlot with Lagrein. A Trentino GMO grape making for a good red wine.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Verona - Diario di Bordo

And in Verona I got my pizza fix. Though to be honest I was underwhelmed.

But Verona remains a lovely city, with the most effective public parking I have seen anywhere in a long time.

Lunch in Piazza Brà - maximum touristy, I know, possibly accounting for my mediocre pizza - and a walk down Via Mazzini to Via Cappello, with the obligatory stop at Juliette's fake balcony. Back up to Piazza delle Erbe where we bought cigars and a straw hat for me, strolling through Corso Borsari, back to Piazza Brà.

Piazza Brà is everywhere

Piazza Brà Pano

Via Giuseppe Mazzini

A vintage Bally poster

I can has a hat

Riva del Garda - Diario di Bordo


And so much like Lugano or a Swiss lake town. So welcome home.

I got my spritz - when in Rome and all that jazz. Dancing in the square - you're welcome Riva for teaching you the Electric Slide - and singing in the Square - Lasciatemi Cantare, after all.

2 Brizis, 2 Gebhardts, associated partners, and dinner at Mamma Lucia's complete with in depth examination of all Chinese statuary.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Trento - Diario di Bordo

Arrived in Trentino, where the weather is fairer and the sun says hello.

An afternoon in Trento allowed my first Italian ice cream in a couple of years, and I shall dream of the joyous moment for months to come. Classico: cono stracciatella e cioccolato fondente. You just can not go wrong.

The city was vibrant with the Festival dell'Economia and brightly painted pianos placed throughout town being played by children and teenagers.

Bretagne - Diario di Bordo

The tip of the world - or a world anyway.

The weather is much like the UK, with a strong humid wind from the ocean. The architecture in the villages we visited looks medieval to an Italian eye, but in fact is from the Renaissance period.

We went to a wedding. In a castle. With no heating.

And danced Bretons dances.