Monday, 27 April 2015


I, myself, am not an atheist. But I agree with this nonetheless.

Penn Gillette:

"People who say 'if I don't believe in God what stops me from raping and killing everybody I want to'. And the answer is: I have raped and killed everybody I want to. And the number is zero. I want to rape and kill no one, because it is morally wrong.

"Being an atheist does not mean not having morality. Being an atheist means having morality. Because if you are doing something for reward or punishment, it is not morality. It is fear, or it is greed, but it is not morality.

"When we are raising children, do we want them to say 'I do not want to do this because I will be caught', or do we want them to say 'I do not want to do this because it is wrong'".

Monday, 20 April 2015

The King Must Die

Renault appears to have written Theseus' Apologia with this work, at least that is the impression. This weakens the story.

However it still entertains overall, giving the legend of Theseus an almost historical setting.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Defining Beauty

An exhibit at the British Museum:

The Greeks were truly revolutionary on their approach to the human form in art. They showed the nude body, idealised and perfect. Many works we have are, of course, Roman copies. This show is stunning.

Before even entering, I saw through the door the marble of Aphrodite bathing, a bronze warrior and the Discobolus.

It's emotional, people.

Gorgeous show. Go see it. Then walk through the antiquity galleries by way of comparison. Organic learning.

Friday, 17 April 2015

From Instagram Again

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Adventures in Babysitting

... me. Babysitting myself.

6AM in my London aparthotel. I have a 6.30 call with an Australian client, and am prepping a proper breakfast to get me through the day.

This includes toast. I turn the timer down to 1.5 minutes and, well, toast my toast. Only I have an over-ambitious toaster. And next thing I know smoke is pouring out of the toaster. Once switched off, and as I frantically try to open the double glazed windows, the fire alarm welcomes me with a GOOOOOOOD MORNING.

I eventually get through to the emergency phone number, who direct me downstairs to the entrance where the control panel is. By this time people are congregating in the entrance. I follow the phone instructions and turn off the alarm and direct people back to their apartments, deciding to play it cool and pretend i didn't start the alarm at all: "There's no fire, right?" Luckily everybody seems too tired to question why I would turn off the alarm if I were not sure of the fact.

Drama over.


6:23, I'm prepping my online meeting space, and there is a knock at the door.

Two firemen.

With all the grace and confidence I can muster, I say: "Oh my God. You're here."

I'm on a roll.

Good morning all!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Happy, yes

But that does not equal proud.

I am happy to see my alma mater, Vassar College, recognised for its admission of low-income students.

Well done, you won a million dollars. Spend it wisely.

What would make me proud, would be to see the school be a real leader in innovation and change, and use a real economic model based on what people are able and willing to pay, providing a clear and demonstrable return on those funds, and not allowed to run rampant based on artificial input and support.

Be a rebel: Make college affordable.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Exodus, Leon Uris

My 5-star review overlooks some stylistic choices I personally do not enjoy - and the character of Kitty Fremont was often grating. Again: a subjective evaluation.

This book - even allowing for the author's "partito preso" - is important. A devastatingly informative read.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Le Nozze di Figaro at #ATLOpera

The season concludes with a Mozart classic and masterpiece.

At interval we were commenting on the excellent stage direction, only to return to our seats and strike up a conversation with our neighbours who turned out to be Uncle and Aunt of Tara Faircloth: the stage director of the show.

Excellent comedic staging and display, with the high quality singing we always get at the Atlanta Opera, and it was another night of fun. The shortest three hours music can bring.

Susanna - Lauren Snouffer
Conte Almaviva - John Moore
Figaro - Craig Colclough
Contessa - Katie Van Kooten
Cherubino - Naomi O'Connell - stunning performance

#Rosé #WineTasting chez @perrineswine introducing me to the wonders of #Calcu #instablog

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Monday, 6 April 2015

Beezy Beezy

Bocce, Rose wine tasting, Wine study group, 2 hair appointments, Beltline Boil festival, Opera, Easter Sunday Mass, lunch, COLOMBA!

Learning Wine

Now I would not say that most people at the East Andrews Wine Festival were necessarily there to taste the wine, but your truly brought her nerdacity to the event, along with a tasting chart.

The highlight was by far the Old World vs New World wines lecture by the engaging and interesting Michael McNeill, master somelier.