Monday, 25 July 2016

Oh, Trumpeteurs

My initial thought, during the RNC Cruz speech, was "is he really going to give a whole speech without saying "Trump? He is really going to do it, he is really going to do it."

My second thought was "Cruz is not saying not to vote for Trump, why are all these delegates making that assumption?"

And that is all. This post is self-centered, but then the blog is called My Side of Every Story.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Good deeds

I saw a man walking down a busy, dirty city street picking up litter as he went.

Most unusual, and impressive. I wanted to shake his hand. But he had been picking up litter, so ugh.

Friday, 15 July 2016

The Singer from Memphis

Nicolaos now married and grown.
The challenge for a land not his own.
Off to discover
to whom goes the honour
of claiming the Egyptian throne

The Singer from Memphis (The Athenian Mysteries #6)
The Singer from Memphis
The latest in Gary Corby's series

A comment on all 6 books: reliable fun. Each book takes place in a different place or cultural event/setting, giving great insight to the ancient world. Corby's story-telling style is the right balance of descriptive and leisurely: the characters and places come alive but the story continues at a good pace. 
There is a strong element of humor - dare I say even satire - thrown in, as well as personality traits of historical figures that remove the distance of time and space, making them people we meet every day. 

History, satire and murder mysteries, it's a winning combo. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

My Hobbies


  • Pub trivia
  • A bocce league
  • (Inordinate amounts of reading followed by) writing book reviews in limerick form
  • Learning most FIGS languages on DuoLingo
  • Making ice cream
  • Walking / Hiking
It's a superficial miracle that I have any friends at all

Monday, 4 July 2016

The Gilded Years

There once was a lady from Boston
Her story was told, but not often
Along came wise Karin
Who said "This needs sharing!"
A book for you to get lost in.

The Gilded Years

The Gilded Years

My apologies for the simple approach in this limerick: I have been wanting to use the classic "there once was" structure and this book afforded me the possibility. Also, full disclosure, Ocean and I are trying to find a business use for the situation in which Sharon is Karen and this was too good a chance not to use that rhyming ploy as well.

There is so much in this book - the impressive level of research is just one element to delight my nerdy little heart. The historical setting: in the 1890s some universities had started admitting African-American students, albeit generally one at a time. Vassar was not amongst these, I'm sad to report. But of course, what is race, really, in a body made up of who knows what mixes of people. (That may be my own typical anarchical view of life).

The character of Lottie Taylor is written to perfection, the reader can't help but get caught up in her spirit and friendship, feeling the whole time as the characters do that she is highly flawed but undeniably likable. She doesn't drop a beat throughout the book.

Karin also introduces the complexity of social views in America at the time. We know about racial views in the south, but she adds the contrast between north-east and west. The frontier-lands, as they were, were the most forward thinking of the time in most things social (drinking bans aside). I confess some ongoing frustration at the common (though not universal) north-eastern belief that there is "us" and then the rest of the country trailing behind. The social structures of NY and its environs, at the turn of the century, were especially strict, and I do believe that if women's lib had been left to these areas we would be wondering about it still today. Thank you Wyoming for leading the charge on that particular note (first female justice of the peace and, of course, first state to grant women's right to vote).

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Iddio la creó

Ah, povera Italia.

We are out of Euro 2016. But with our heads held high.

It's a double whammy as Germany has broken our winning streak against them, great team that they are they had never beat us in a competition game. Until now. Having said that, we tied on the field. We lost in penalties after 18 shots taken. You can't call it more equal than that.

A few comments - Buffon, what a captain. Conte, I love your coaching style; coach as MVP. Pellé, too bad about the pre-penalty over-confidence, you played a terrific tournament. In the words of my passionate and wise husband: "Pellé le prende tutte!"

Grazie Azzurri, ci avete dato orgoglio nel calcio italiano.