Thursday, 8 August 2013

Ramsay Cascades

This was our selected hike for day 1 in the Great Smoky Mountain national park.

So we set off in the morning and hiked 6 km uphill climbing rocks, roots, and crossing a few of these:

on our way up. We hiked and climbed and hiked and climbed, and when we crossed people coming back down we asked them how much further to the top. 

"Half an hour", they said. 

5 minutes later we met more people and they also told us half an hour. Fine, makes sense, it's a guess. 

20 minutes later we met more people, and guess what they said? 

"Half an hour". 

So that's when I knew I was in a horror film. 

But anyway, as horror films go not much happened, and here is my first glimpse of our final destination:
A few more shots of the falls:

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