Saturday, 28 December 2013

Facing 2014

We have been very quiet recently, here at

As most of your know, this website is a side project for Ocean Gebhardt and for me, Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi. Ocean has been busy this year after relocating to Taiwan, and setting up his translation business Acahi Translations. Follow him and his new work at

I am completing my second year here in the US, during which I incorporated the US branch of the UK business I have been with for many years, Linex Systems (

We still discuss economics, and we still check in on this site regularly. We hope to return to this more in the new year, though it must fit around our other schedules. For now, you can read back to old posts here on the site, or order our book from Amazon. Also follow us Twitter at @oceanlugano and @rgbrizi.

Don’t be shy!

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