Monday, 27 January 2014

The Coffee Crisis of 2014

When we arrived in America we were delighted to find great food and ingredients in our local grocery stores. Kitchen adaptation was a simple thing.

A core part of this was finding wonderful coffee at our local supermarket. You select your beans of choice and grind them in store to the required grain. We drink* espresso every day, so this was an important find.


The supermarket stopped carrying the open bean selection.

The packaged options did not include the brand we were using.

The coffee was, quite simply, gone.

We tried another variety, which of course brought nothing but disappointment. So we branched out, we went on a coffee hunt. We tried one grocery store, then another. No luck. We went further afield, we tried various branches of our original super market, the Trader Joes', The Wholefoods'. At one of the latter, we found a new coffee to try, and in great excitement brought it home and heated up our Bialetti but NO! It was not the same! It was just... no... good.

In a final ditch attempt we entered a new store, we had barely noticed in the past, nestled behind some apartment buildings and barely exposing a corner of its sign to the main street.

And here, at least, we stumbled upon what we were after all along.

We are now at peace and in a happy place. But these cold scary days will forever be remembered, as the Coffee Crisis of 2014.

*and by "drink every day" I mean we are both entirely addicted to our morning shot of joy


  1. This guy used to have a coffee shop in a tourist town near where I grew up. An Italian tourism magazine rated it "best coffee in the Americas."

    Thank me later. :)