Friday, 26 September 2014

Story telling with numbers

Also known as: accounting.

I was in a 2-day intensive finance and accounting course and am somewhat worried that I enjoyed it as much as I did. It lends credence to the idea of responsibility making anything more enjoyable: half way through day one I built my own income statement, and while I have read many of these, making my own from scratch was a whole new game of fun.

Also: teachers. Their talent matters.

The first thing I was told in this class was: accounting is storytelling. And right then, I was already interested. The trainer is my said reminded me of DuoLingo: stories and repetition. She would ask us if we ever heard of a particular term or concept, then ask us to tell stories or chemicals we knew of it. She would then give us a proper definition, walk us through an example asking us questions throughout, and then tell us a story about an example from her own working experience. Between The repetition and the interesting stories, by the end you know and have memorized the concept.

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