Thursday, 10 September 2015

On-line Dating

Was I wrong all along?

Admittedly I have never tried this, having been in the same relationship for something like a gazillion years.

My view was always in favour of online dating, as it gives an opportunity to communicate a little before you meet somebody in person and get over the initial who are you and why are you here part of a conversation. It seemed safer and easier than meeting in a bar, for example.

But what if it gives you too much time to think it over? You build up this idea of what the other person is, go through your checklist of what you want and don't want, and nobody lives up, of course. Or they do in your head but they don't really. And are you going in to that first date already thinking about the long term possibilities, with all this time to over-think things? Because that's just going in too fast.

So maybe the spontaneous meet in a bar or at a party is, actually, the more genuine experience. You don't have to time to build somebody up - or down - before getting to know them?

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