Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Anniversary & Opera

This year our wedding anniversary coincided with the opening of the Atlanta Opera Season, so we got to celebrate 6 years with La Bohème.

Because when I walk down the street all alone, people stop and stare at my beauty.

I love that waltz.

Another fabulous night - it always is - at the Atlanta Opera. I apologise to the organisers for being less than enthusiastic about the videos and photographs. Oddly enough I don't enjoy cameras, however I have a soft spot in my heart for your organisation and I will do what I can to help promote you to the city.

Rodolfo - Gianluca Terranova
Mimi - Maria Luigia Borsi
Marcello - Trevor Scheunemann
Musetta - Leah Partridge (always a pleaure)
Schaunard - Theo Hoffman
Colline - Nicholas Brownlee


  1. The great Tenor, Gianluca Terranova (Rodolfo) has a Voice, you must fall in love with and His magic stage presence is just amazing!! The wonderful performance of La Boheme is an unforgettable, wonderful experienze! A must to see!! <3