Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Trump Supporters - Talk to me

Candidates are - or should be - about policy. This is why there are politicians with whom I disagree but still understand why others vote for them. We just disagree on the policies. 

I confess, however, to not understanding the Trump phenomenon. So I ask those who have cast their vote in his favor: explain it to me. My question is one of policies: what are his? I have not actually heard him explain a single policy through. What is his tax plan? What is his plan for health insurance (yes - removing the lines around the state, but how when and with what tools)? What is his foreign policy? What is his immigration policy? What is his plan with US troops abroad? What are his trade policies?

Watching him in debates and interviews, I still do not know. I don't each of these things about each candidate, but I get pretty close with any candidate who has had as much air time as Trump. 

So I repeat my question: what are his actual policies on these issues and others, and why do they speak to you?

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