Saturday, 2 April 2016

Election 2016 - Libertarian forum

There are three parties involved. And if ever there was a year to look for a third option... 2016 may be it.

I was expecting something much crazier, but Stossel only hosted Petersen, McAfee and Johnson. All were adults, McAfee even wore a suit and tie, thank you for the effort.

Petersen was the politician on stage. Close your eyes and you can almost think you're listening to Rubio pre-election. This is a weakness on his part. The whole "sounds like a politician" thing. He has policies but they tend to sound far-fetched.

McAfee is a madman. He should probably not be president. What he should be is a senior adviser to a president. He is smart, he is on point, he knows that of which he speaks. Hear him around minute 19 on how to use technology to trace terrorist communications. Find his comments from previous debates about the TSA.

Johnson is sincere. He is also smart and has experience (as governor of New Mexico). And he has sound policies.

What was nice was seeing three adults on stage (even Petersen, though at times one felt he was trying to earn his place at the grown up table). No insults, a fair amount of laughter, and sound answers that mean something.

See for yourselves, I will comment more later.

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