Friday, 15 July 2016

The Singer from Memphis

Nicolaos now married and grown.
The challenge for a land not his own.
Off to discover
to whom goes the honour
of claiming the Egyptian throne

The Singer from Memphis (The Athenian Mysteries #6)
The Singer from Memphis
The latest in Gary Corby's series

A comment on all 6 books: reliable fun. Each book takes place in a different place or cultural event/setting, giving great insight to the ancient world. Corby's story-telling style is the right balance of descriptive and leisurely: the characters and places come alive but the story continues at a good pace. 
There is a strong element of humor - dare I say even satire - thrown in, as well as personality traits of historical figures that remove the distance of time and space, making them people we meet every day. 

History, satire and murder mysteries, it's a winning combo. 

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