Monday, 27 August 2012

Football - the one with the feet

Back at the stadium, I saw my first US football game this weekend.

(Football of the associated kind, the one actually played with the feet).

The Atlanta Silverbacks, bottom of their league, played the Carolina Railhawks, 3rd to the bottom of the table. (as an aside: what are these names? What's a Railhawk? I'm used to teams just having colours, at most.)
This was great fun. It wasn't quite a Serie A or EPL calibre game, but was football nonetheless and the atmosphere was terrific. This is another of those reasons we love America: everything was clean and comfortable and simple. Supporting a team with the colours red and black takes a little bit of getting used to, but I managed.

(Red and black are the colours of AC Milan, also known as "rosso neri". I'm a supporter of Fiorentina, known as "viola". Are there are any purple-shirted teams here?)

They even had Ultras. They looked like this:

In other, unrelated news: today is the first day of school at the new Taylor Institute in Lugano. Because if you are going to get a masters in business it really should be in Lugano, Switzerland. This handsome guy is the Executive Director. Best thing about the TI for me? This profile has finally explained what my father does as a profession. It's always been a bit of a mystery.

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