Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Gamify Me

I just learned about Gamification. In particular in fitness, where it is easily applied too. But can you see it? You track your fitness activities, you get badges and points for various outcomes. It is social, so you are seeing your friends' progress and they see yours. They can challenge you too: say you plan to take 3 Zumba classes this week. A friend of yours challenges that saying you won't do it, so if you do, you get extra points. (I'm sure with little thought we can get much more interesting than that, but you get my point).


  1. I've heard this same process being used to quit smoking, eat less, read more, etc. etc. Isn't there a website or an app or something that does this as well?

  2. Yes exactly. I'm sure there are many actually.

    It's no different than when you were in kindergarten and teachers awarded gold stars, or similar.

  3. This is the concept behind Nike+, I guess. I bought a Nike+ GPS watch for running, and they have a whole online social media thing, complete with points ("Nike Fuel"), "badges," competitions, etc.

    My family and I all tend to make games out of everything, so I love this sort of thing.