Saturday, 20 October 2012

More 'Murican Food

First off: I express my appreciation for being able to eat dinner outdoors, two nights running, in October. The second half of October. *yay*

Now, on to Fox Brothers BBQ. Here are our appetizers, what they call their Texas Fries and the Tomminator. These were half portions. Of appetizers.
The mains came, of course, with two sides and bread. Sides included things like Fox-A-Roni, Brisket Chilli and much more (look it up).

Preceded by drinks at Victory, which offers specials like the jack & coke slushie and the Root Canal; and followed by cigars at Highland Cigar Shop, which included a drink of 30-day cinnamon, vanilla, clove and orange rind infused vodka.

Life remains good.

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