Wednesday, 20 March 2013

About Balance again

I just re-read my last few blog posts. Disappointing. I should stop multi-tasking.

So to get the brain going again, I attended a luncheon at the ATL chamber of commerce yesterday with an open forum featuring local entrepreneur David Cummings. I had heard him speak before, at B2BCamp back in January or so. I enjoyed the previous talk but was further impressed by how he handled this format. Not only having a strong and coherent answer to everything, but the way in wich all his answers related to one another, and seemed to fit into a larger work/life philosophy (because as we know, the two are no longer separate).

Some of my favourite take aways (perhaps re-enforcing ideas I already hold): the business plan is dead. As is the marketing plan and many plans. Plan your next step. Then do it. That's enough (also known as: a little less conversation, a little more action).

Sell before you build. Yes yes and yes. More on that below.

Entrepreneurship is a consequence, not a goal. You found/invent/start something because you have a problem nobody else will solve to your satisfaction. So: you have a problem? And a solution you like? Find 4-5 other people who would buy your solution. Then build it. And voila': entrepreneur. Some people do this with one, over-riding problem; others are doing this every day with problems expressed by others as well (right Ocean?)

Along the same subject, today I came across this, which is a little more doomsday-ing than I think necessary but overall not wrong. In the words of Gary Vaynerchuk: Get off the bitch train people.

One more take-away from said luncheon: Atlanta as a hot spot to start or expand your tech business. But more on that another day.

In other news: I made a bourbon apple pie. Which I guess is the southern take on my childhood favourite Apple Strudel. Because I am in America generally and the south specifically and should cook everything with Bourbon.

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