Tuesday, 28 May 2013

And the rest

Tuesday rain. rain rain rain. Lunch, Emil Frey, walk to Grancia. Boyfriend cut jeans. Grancia is big now (biggER). Walk back. Wait. Wait. Wait. Home. Dinner at Barilotto - finally Wienerschnitzel! Home.

Ma's going away lunch, Franklin Italian department plus some. Vitello Tonnato. Osteria al Bosco. Eva. Coffe at Anna Capri, meet Ocean and Yi-min. Sopraceneri. Yup, their turf. Shoe shopping. Locarno - Piazza Grande, slim streets, coffee shop, Swiss education, Taiwanese independence. Home. Barbecue. Luganighetta, Halloumi cheese, veal and potatoes. Limoncello on the patio. On the cold patio. With many sweaters.

Thursday sick and bed time. Booo. Boring
Shops open until nine, wild and crazy. Chocolate shopping. Cantinone. Bratwurst, cordon bleu, pizza, BellaVista. Of course. Beautiful. Limoncello on the patio. With many sweaters.

LAST DAY. So sad. Lunch with Sebastian, catch up on work, cocktails with parentals and boat to Caprino for dinner with the Senior Summer Camp posse. Worst service ever. Humorously so. Boat back, home, limoncello. This time indoors.

Saturday. London. Coco Momo.

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