Monday, 14 April 2014

ATL Saturdays

Another love-fest for weekends in the ATL.

Gorgeous summer weather, of course, means brunch outdoors (fried chicken eggs benedict anyone?), walking the beltline from Inman to Piedmont Park, the Dogwood festival (they have a dog show. Hi.), and of course all the internationals there to see the International Stage performances, cheering on the Bollywood dances, a walk back down the beltline and an evening with friends of early tapas dinner followed by the stunning Atlanta ballet performance of Hamlet.

Giuseppe had his own version of morning tennis, afternoon poolside, evening ballet.

Hamlet was stunning indeed, it's a highly engaging modern ballet, set to some beautiful mid/late-20th century music by Philip Glass. Tara Lee danced Ophelia and every movement told a story, all were good but in my mind she stole the show.

Hamlet himself looked like Benigni, which did not always work to his favour.

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