Thursday, 10 April 2014

Yale said what?!

Well, apparently Yale said Gain Weight or Bye Bye.

This is the story of Frances Chan, whose BMI is probably rather close to my own, assuming from her height and weight.

But Yale was all "Nuh-uuuuh if you are that skinny you MUST have an eating disorder and this isn't about loving your body however it is, it's about changing your body completely because I'm Yale and I'm all smart and stuff".

She was subsequently put through a gruelling routine of weigh-ins, blood and urine tests, heart check-ups and mental health counselling. All the results indicated that she was healthy, as she has always been, and Miss Chan's doctor from her home in New Jersey also told the college that her whole family were small but in good shape – to no avail. ... "If this carried on, I was going to develop a real eating disorder," she said. "I resented eating at all."

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