Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tuscany and Wine

Your lesson for today, courtesy of Ornella:

Tuscan families were the first in Europe (and therefore in the world) to make wine in an organized way

*One of these families were the Mazzei. Filippo Mazzei was in Paris, sent by the Granduca di Toscana to learn about heating from Benjamin Franklin (the Franklin stove). He learned, came back to Tuscany and here the stove was improved upon: instead of iron it was mane in terracotta, which provided more heat with less consumption. Not only that, but while in Paris he also met Jefferson who invited him to Virginia to teach him how to make wine. He went, and apparently it is his (Filippo's) the sentence: "all men are created equal"

I always said it: Tuscan people rock!!!

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