Monday, 16 June 2014

The weekend's games

First of all, welcome Italy of course. 


In other news and moving past weekend even well done Netherlands. While Spain has been impressive in the last years, we are all ready to see somebody win. The tricky thing if you don't want Spain to lose as much as somebody else to win. The Netherlands did that.

Costa Rica caused an upset with Uruguay. 

Switzerland turned out to be one of the big revelations of the weekend. They tend to play quite slowly, they hold the ball back in generally seem quite neutral about who should win the game. Sunday about halfway through the  woke up and started pushing towards goal. And it paid off. Then won and they won well.

I couldn't watch France vs Honduras of course, which France won, of course. And Argentina versus Bosnia gave us some good moments as well. You can't help but cheer internally for the Bosnian side, first time in the world.

Today already seen Germany shame Portugal, and I'm looking forward to the USA-Ghana this evening, even just the first half that I will be able to watch. 

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