Sunday, 27 July 2014


I am in one, and I know why I chose to be in one, but I don't really understand the legalities of it.

I know that if we choose to end our marriage there is all this legal rigmarole to go through, but how can that be? I did sign a marriage certificate but was not presented with any associated contract laying out the terms and conditions.

And I think I should have been.

If I could re-design marriage, it would be a legal contract, period. It would have to be drawn up by the parties, or appointed legal advisors, read and signed, with terms for future dissolution and other such contingencies. (For the record: a pre-nup is better than romantic, it is logical and demonstrates that you have thought through the marriage, rather than being swept up in a moment's infatuation).

So that's my view. It seems to me that if people were aware of all the terms and conditions, they would give marriage more thought. Because it is a legal contract and it's not the romantic part. Being with somebody you trust wholly, being a team, making choices together: all of that is romantic. Even making the decision to bind your fortunes and futures together is romantic. Sealing the deal is just a step in the proceedings.

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