Thursday, 16 April 2015

Adventures in Babysitting

... me. Babysitting myself.

6AM in my London aparthotel. I have a 6.30 call with an Australian client, and am prepping a proper breakfast to get me through the day.

This includes toast. I turn the timer down to 1.5 minutes and, well, toast my toast. Only I have an over-ambitious toaster. And next thing I know smoke is pouring out of the toaster. Once switched off, and as I frantically try to open the double glazed windows, the fire alarm welcomes me with a GOOOOOOOD MORNING.

I eventually get through to the emergency phone number, who direct me downstairs to the entrance where the control panel is. By this time people are congregating in the entrance. I follow the phone instructions and turn off the alarm and direct people back to their apartments, deciding to play it cool and pretend i didn't start the alarm at all: "There's no fire, right?" Luckily everybody seems too tired to question why I would turn off the alarm if I were not sure of the fact.

Drama over.


6:23, I'm prepping my online meeting space, and there is a knock at the door.

Two firemen.

With all the grace and confidence I can muster, I say: "Oh my God. You're here."

I'm on a roll.

Good morning all!

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