Wednesday, 19 September 2012

77/100 is not much

On hold with my health insurers, I do their online Health Assessment and receive a 77/100.

This was lower than I expected, but I guess my BMI throws things off. But what was a true surprise was that the average for my peers is 55/100?! How? It actually makes me wonder at the veracity of people's answers.

To note: there were a total of 5 questions about my eating habits, and 5 pages about emotional and psychological disturbances or problems. Which I also found odd, I mean: perhaps that trembling in your fingers is due to a bad diet rather than stress from work. It's worth investigating anyway.

So I wonder how people answer those questions and if having so many specific questions ups the average of problem answers in those areas.

Thinking about it: perhaps my reply to how much full-fat food I consume affected my score (and everybody else's). There were two separate questions for how much low-fat dairy I consume (none) and how much full-fat (minimum 2 servings a day). This is obvious: I'm underweight and I want as much fat and calcium as I can get from my dairy. And I love dairy. But perhaps this is automatically seen as bad intake by the exam standards?

Milk is good people!

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