Friday, 7 September 2012

Reasons to stay at a job you hate

If ever there was a DumbAgent post that confirmed my world view...

You hate your job. Ok sure, sometimes you try to convince yourself that you don't hate it, but you really do. You wake up with dread, your biggest smile of the day comes from when that idiot colleague you hate trips and falls at the water cooler, you are constantly thinking of what you will do "later", when you have made enough money (never, by the way) or retired (really?) or whenever you think this famous "later" actually is. At which point, by the way, you will have so much pent up frustration and so much to prove to yourself you won't know where to begin.

Why are you there anyway? Because the business card looks nice, your think your peers are impressed,  the path was set out for you years ago and God Forbid anything in your life ever change. You have to tick all the right boxes, the ones determined by other people.

Well, read this

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