Sunday, 2 September 2012


Yesterday was the DragonCon parade, for which I have just one question: why was I not in it??

There was a float at one point with some alien life-forms (I presume from a video game I do not know) spouting about how they have come to earth to take us over. And I'm thinking: what if they really ARE aliens come to earth to take us over? They probably think we are the most welcoming planet in the galaxy.
Hey, it can happen.

Anyway, next year we have to be IN the parade. We have 12 months to think up our costumes. I am torn between Captain Switzerland with side-kick Heidi Heffelfinger (COPYRIGHT) or Flashlight. (you don't know about Flashlight? That's news for another day.) I have spoken with my mother who has confirmed that she is also in, and will work on her Angry Birds costume. I think she just wants to shot-put golf balls at people all day. Who's coming with me?

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