Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Bias for compassion

I'm rather amazed to see women on Twitter and Facebook praise this Dustin Hoffman video, in which he
"explains what every woman already knows", or
"breaks down explaining the poignant realisation of what women experience".

Judge for yourselves, but it seems to me he merely demonstrates a great narrow-mindedness (perhaps defeated by the Tootsie movie; one can but hope).

Also please note: I do not use the word sexism. Plenty of women are equally narrow minded and judge men in the same way as he says he has always judged women. Being the recipient of this attitude is not a male/female thing, it has occurred to everyone.

See the video here (no embed link, sorry).

Agree, disagree?


  1. My reaction after watching this : 'EHHHHHH"
    My reaction while watching rhis: "please please say something intelligent please...."

    Reaction after my "EHHHHH" : chissa se trovo un video dei puffi online, decenni che non li guardo....

    If you had actually used the word "sexism" I would have been really worried !! And I do not know what worries me more, his video or the reaction of some women/men as per your exemple....

    ma dovesi va a finire di sto passo?

    1. Hai ragione: i puffi meritano più attenzione!!