Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Sometimes ideas born of good intentions just turned bad. And sometimes ideas are just bad. 

(Read it all here http://www.city-journal.org/2013/eon0318sk.html)

The site generously provides a link to a “diversity document,” recommending that Caucasians “wear a white wristband as a reminder about your privilege, as well as a personal commitment to explain why you wear the wristband.”

This, of course, is not meant to be an echo of the Third Reich. It’s doubtful if the ahistorical functionaries who run Wisconsin’s DPI have ever read the racial laws of Nazi Germany. They may never have heardof Nazi Germany, where a series of cloth badges singled out “guilty” Germans for their race or their beliefs—yellow Stars of David for Jews, red triangles for political dissidents, green for criminals, purple for Jehovah’s Witnesses, blue for emigrants, brown for Gypsies, black for lesbians and other “anti-socials,” and pink for gay men.

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