Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Health Insurance

not equal to health care. But anyway this is cute:

1. I can confirm that this is not true. At most one has a time limit on the insurance he can keep. That is my case. My plan will be discontinued within a year.

2. How? And why? And don't policy holders have contracts? I'm pretty sure policy holders have contracts. And insurance is risk mitigation, so if I am a higher risk client it makes sense my premiums should cost more. Not that I'm happy about that: given my weight I am indeed in a higher premium bracket. But I can't expect not to be just because I want to spend less on insurance and more on something else.
This sentence sitting there in its own is uninformed and unclear and essentially says nothing of value and therefore it gets on my nerves.

PS - in case there were any doubt: there is no love lost between me and insurance companies. Where is the insurance start up??

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