Monday, 4 November 2013

Leaning anywhere

I have written on this subject before. But here is another quick note.

It is probably true that men naturally "lean in" more than women do. And it is also true that it is up to women to lean in more, not for men to make room.

And do you know why men are better at this? They have never had any other option. Women now have this "choice" of working or staying at home. When we are growing up that choice is made abundantly clear to us. If we marry, have children, we can choose not to be producers.

Men are never given that choice. Even the staying at home and not work, is something they have to go take and safe hold, it is so out of the ordinary for them. So men are instructed, from when they are boys, to "lean in" because that is their only real chance at survival.

Society - such as it is - does not raise us equal.

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