Monday, 25 November 2013

Humans and their rights

Discussion following a recent post on The Skeptical Libertarian facebook page

  • Joe Dailey Heath care shouldn't be a business.
    • Ryan Rice Why?
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    • Joe Dailey Because access to healthcare is a basic human right. I have a hard time working that in with my Librarian views but it still just feels wrong to deny someone access to medicine.

      Also because the cost of medicine and health care are insanely overinflated. There is absolutely no reason at all why a few stitches in the ER should cost thousands of dollars. 

      I don't claim to understand the whole game but i understand enough to know someone is cheating
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    • Chris Wilson Food's a business. Housing is a business. Clothing is a business. I can't think of any other means to provide the best quality of a product to the most people at the best possible price
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    • Joe Dailey I can grow my own food, i can build my own house i can even make my own clothes but i can not heal my self if i get cancer or fall off a damn cliff and break every bone in my body. We live in a society and with things like this we all need to help each other out sometimes. That's just my gut feeling
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    • Dietwald Claus Joe - why is health care so expensive?
    • Joe Dailey I "think" is partly/mostly from a Corrupt government that takes money from pharmaceutical companies to squash competition with restrictive laws. Like i said , I'm not really sure. And i also don't know how to make a system that works. 

      I have way more questions then i do answers. But i do know fundamental right and wrong and it's wrong to let someone rot when you can help them
    • Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi Access to healthcare is a basic human right, as in nobody has the right to deny you that access. As with food, shelter, etc. Health insurance has to do not with healthcare but with payment thereof. Health insurance - insurance of any kind - is pure economics: I choose to mitigate the risk of sudden large payments by making regular smaller payments to an entity who will then help me cover those sudden larger costs. So, Joe, I am agreeing with you and taking it one step further, as well as separating the care from the insurance.
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    • Evan Derv nothing that requires the resources or work of another person can be a right. Or else people don't have a right to own their own bodies. 

      Healthcare cannot be a human right. 

      It's a nice ideal, but positive rights are impossible to provide for without forcing people to provide for them.

      Get rid of mandatory minimum insurance, get rid of allowing policy exemption to certain firms/individuals/organizations for coverage caps/or provision, allow interstate insurance competition.

      Turning insurance into pre paid medical care via the magic of a legislator's pen is economically ignorant and is going to continue to raise the cost of healthcare. When the end user doesn't pay and has to use a middle man to purchase healthcare, the cost incentive is driven up and the entire population of insurance buyers pays for it.
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    • Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi "Get rid of mandatory minimum insurance, get rid of allowing policy exemption to certain firms/individuals/organizations for coverage caps/or provision, allow interstate insurance competition." - Amen

      Re: human right, I always think of a human right as something to which people can not impede access, rather than something which you have a right to receive. So nobody has a right to say you may not receive health care. And requiring you to pay for it is not impeding access, of course.
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    • Evan Derv exactly. It's been a recent redefinition of "unable to access" something because of the specious argument that you have to pay for it. Duh. We have to pay for everything! 

      In fact, those of us that own businesses or have employees pay much MORE for "society"(government) than others. Birth control is not expensive now, why do ALL men (whether impotent, gay, old or unmarried) have to carry Female product riders on their policies? It's not fair to men or women. It's a vote buying scheme for ideologues. 
      Inb4viagracoverage, which isn't mandated or even used to a degree that is statistically significant!

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