Saturday, 27 June 2015

So much Pinot

But that's what you expect at an Oregon wine tasting.

A restaurant refurbishment, some pre-opening events and a text from a friend means a Saturday afternoon double date at an Oregon wine tasting. 6 tables, each offering 6-8 wines, you do the math.

There was one tempranillo, one viognier, maybe tow Chardonnays, one Riesling and one Gewurtztramminer. Everything else was Pinot, be it noir, gris or blanc. The latter had a nice option on offer. The rest were Pinots. So, you know.

Of interest: a Pinot Noir Rose, which was a first for me. Not unpleasant, I could drink that on the patio on a hot day. For more see my Vivino profile

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