Thursday, 11 June 2015

Rovereto - Diario di Bordo

FOOD! Everywhere and all the time.

I have the fortune of having a mother in law smack in the historic downtown of this lovely town, so my time is mainly pedestrian and everything is at my fingertips. Though don't be fooled by that "everything", it's not a big place.

It offers enough to keep us a few days though - the coffee is not the full on Italian glory but it is better than most. The pastries deserve merit - la bionda in particular. And one can buy underwear in sets - huzzah.

There are now vineyards everywhere in Trentino: every free bit of land is covered in vines, no matter how small the space. I tried some new reds: marzemino, teroldego, lagrein, and a fascinating local-only new grape made from marrying Merlot with Lagrein. A Trentino GMO grape making for a good red wine.

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