Friday, 12 June 2015

Geneva - Diario di Bordo

BACK IN SWITZERLAND, even if it is the flat French part.

We took a train from Rovereto, going across northern Italy and then up through Domodossola, Brig, Sierre on to Nyon. This last bit I mention is in beautiful Switzerland, it was nice to be home. Plus: that moment when you transfer from an Italian to a Swiss train, joy.

And then Gio went and got married so that was a good time. In a castle. In France. So grand.
Chateau de Coudré

Geneva is what it is: it is pretty and worth a view, but as Swiss cities go it is not all that. The Lac Leman is attractive of course, as lakes tend to be when nestled in the alps. It was nice to be back, after 10+ years, walking through the old city and visiting St Peter's Cathedral. Birthplace of Calvinism. No fun to be had beyond this point.

And of course my reunion with my favourite Simona in the whole wide world.

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