Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Of the American variety.

Nobody had told me this was so much fun!

Actually many people had told me that. But you don't know until you know.

First I have to congratulate Americans, once again, for how they do sports. Sports here are a chance for fun. Amazing concept, isn't it? I love football (futbol, soccer) with all my heart and it crushes me every time I hear about soccer-related violence or offenses. It is such a contrast to the atmosphere at games here, where there is a whole playground happening outside a stadium or arena, and a circus taking place inside.

It can become a bit of a sensory overload if you're not used to it, but overall I like what they do. The camaraderie of in-stadium cheering is a great thing.

And I enjoyed the football too! I confess that I tend to find American sports (basketball, baseball, American football) rather slow, but with this game my attention was captured.

So: very little commentary and just a rather self-indulgent post to appreciate my day of Falcons victory. Rise Up!

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