Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Is Italy running

I'm pretty sure it is. Possibly with some input from France and foot soldiers from Greece.

The 24 hour hotline is closed on weekends. There is no message to tell you this by the way, the line just cuts off.

The website is still not working. (And no: this is nothing like Apple. Apple is one choice of many.)

Most recently the message has been that if your application has gone through (whether or not you actually submitted it) you can not call and ask for an update or see if anything is missing. In the particular case of which I speak this is especially important since an application was not actually submitted, though the phone operator said it is currently under way. In any case you must wait to see if somebody from the exchanges phones you. By Dec. 15th. After which, you have two weeks to get your act together.

Ah at one point I did arrive far enough on the website to compare premiums. Only. The screen only showed the prices but there was no way to view what was included. It's surprise health insurance.

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